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Build Your Brand With Kayli Barker Racing

Thank you for taking an interest in Kayli Barker Racing and the opportunity to become an official sponsor.   My name is Kayli Barker, a female race car driver based in Las Vegas, Nevada.   I am young, I am winning and I am eager to represent your brand!

Download Sponsorship Information Here

This proposal will explain the benefits of a mutually beneficent partnership between your brand and Kayli Barker Racing. Although we have outlined some specific examples of sponsorship levels we are seeking, we are also flexible and are open to crafting a value packed sponsorship package that works well for your brand.

Our intention is to create sustainable relationships to maximize the benefit of a potential partnership.   As you turn the pages within this proposal you will find the following:

  • Marketing opportunities to suit every need
  • How we can expose your business to thousands of people nationwide
  • Learn about the driver and family at Kayli Barker Racing
  • See our past results and accomplishments
  • Gain an understanding of how Kayli Barker Racing fits into your marketing plan
  • Understand the demographics of the NASCAR fan base
  • How you can help two amazing charities in Las Vegas, Project 150 and Las Vegas Labrador Rescue

Thank you once again for your time and consideration of our proposal.  We welcome the opportunity to get to know more about you and hope you’ll join us in Victory Lane.

Kayli Barker
Phone: 702-327-7476
E-mail: kaylibarkerracing@gmail.com


Drive your brand into Victory Lane with Kayli Barker Racing’s Market Reach 

Kayli-Barker-Racing-Media-Sponsor-Kit-2015The excitement generated by racing fans, television cameras, and journalists from around the world creates an ideal environment for you to invite prospective purchasers to enjoy the race and learn more about your products and services. You can use racing events to for  advertising by:

  • Hosting a team building event at a race to build teamwork/increase sales productivity and morale
  • Invite your employees, customers, and best prospects to a race where they can have their picture taken with our driver and/or our racecar featuring your logo
  • Our driver can make a live appearance at your company and/or your locations to drive business to your locations, greet customers, sign autographs, pose for photographs, etc.
  • Sales Contests. Use a trip to a race as a reward your top selling salespeople
  • Bring our race car to your offices to promote a special event or campaign
  • Have our race car at your trade show booth to drive traffic
  • Use the “buzz” created by the media to launch a new product or service, enter a new market, or simply get the word out
  • Create a video of our driver visiting your company or locations to build awareness for your company on social media such as YouTube
  • Use our car and driver to promote your company’s favorite charity or cause, etc.

The return on your investment is easy!  Sponsoring NASCAR can produce a major increase in your sales and a big ROI on your advertising dollars!

Download 2017 Sponsorship Information Here



For additional information please feel free to contact us directly at Phone: 702-327-7476 or by E-mail: kaylibarkerracing@gmail.com

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